"Everyone has a talent given just to you, so don't be afraid to try no matter what you do."

- Harmony the Hippo

About Music Matters

Our Mission

"Music Matters" provides music as an avenue to inspire and encourage children as well as adults to overcome their fears and doubts in pursuit of their dreams. The organization has reached over 72,000 people through music, donated instruments to low-income schools, and currently provides music curriculum to school districts across the state. Music Matters believes that music is essential in creating well-rounded youth.

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Resolution 355 of the US Congress recognizes the benefits and importance of school-based music education by stating, "School music programs enhance intellectual development and enrich the academic environment for students of all ages." Learning music is a discipline that compels one to have a depth of understanding and offers opportunity for advanced skill development. Emerging research demonstrates that music develops motor skills and cognitive capacities, provides benefits that positively affect student learning, and has the power to connect students to cultural and social values.

-CMA Foundation

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Unfortunately, Music education and fine arts programs are the first to be cut due to lack of funding because they are not tested subjects. Music is being silenced within the walls of schools and Music Matters Works to fill the holes left in educational systems by providing music curriculum to educators and students. Assist us in providing quality music education to our school systems in order to create forward thinking youth, change makers, and world leaders, and help us foster a love of music for generations to come.

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